Forever Changed

Forever Changed


November 7 2015 our lives changed forever  with  the unexpected and sudden passing of our beloved son Callum 18   shattered our world and the thought of still  living each day without him is a daily battle.

Callum suffered a long battle with mental illness depression and  anxiety and  a  lack of self worth and generally just  struggled with life most of the time. 

I look back in time and I see all the photos of a very happy little  boy always smiling and it is a reminder that we never know what someone is feeling inside as we only see the outside a thought that stays with me daily ... Why a question I can never answer .  

How do you  deal with the devastating  loss of your child is  a life sentence you live  everyday for the rest of your life. The decision to dedicate my time and efforts to support and raise funds for local community projects in the focal area of mental health  is not only a process of  continual healing but a commitment  to help support and perhaps change the course of another child's life through  mentoring  and helping to  make a difference .